Sports Book Alive - Life of Kobe Bryant

by Eldon Lin


An book that come alive through AR that talks about the life of Kobe Bryant.


Everyday when I transit to school or work before the pandemic hit, I always bring a book with me. So the first thing I thought of for an everyday object naturally was a book. Using Vuforia and Unity, I decided to make a book come alive and talk about the life of my favorite athlete - Kobe Bryant.

Workflows, Processes

  1. I started off prototyping to make sure that the database images from Vuforia would be detected by making a 3D object appear such as a cube or sphere.
  2. Once I was sure all images will be detected I tried to make sure a single 2D sprite image can appear. Then I tried adding more sprites to see if detecting an image can make multiple images appear-spoiler alert: it did!
  3. Then I attempted to use animations to make a "slide show", but that failed miserably. So I decided to use code instead. I created a Sprite array and use coroutines to change sprites every x amount of seconds specified in the inspector.
  4. Once the images appeared, I tried to make any audio play sound when an image is detected.
  5. Then once I know audio works I started looking for audios on Youtube (then used Youtube to MP3 converter and then mp3 cutter)
  6. I noticed that when an image stops getting detected and using audioSource.Stop(), the audio stop abruptly, sounding weird. So I decided to fade the audio out using a AudioMixer.
  7. Then I started adding extra affects such as making images rotate and particle affects. Since each image detected may have different amount of sprites, or the time it takes to change sprites are different, I made sure to make those values public so I can edit the seconds/numbers in the inspector.


Unity3D, Vuforia