Spy VR

by Maxime Peeters


A single (VR), or multi-player game (VR & Mobile) that combines infiltration and escape-room gameplay.

One player plays as a spy with the VR headset and another player can use smartphone to help the spy. The smartphone player sees the map through camera and has a layout of the map.


The VR player is a spy from Protocol Corp Sector. A unit specialized in infiltration, hacking and retrieval of information. The Evil Corp is once again planning for world domination and PCS has to stop it.

The VR player will be sent to various location in order to impede EC projects:

  • Nuclear power plant
  • Spaceship yard
  • Space station (low gravity)

It's up to him to either take those missions alone or with the help of an elite hacker codename.

The hacker is using his tools to help the spy with security and can provide information about his environment (location of guards, clues etc.). He has access to the blueprint of the building and can hack the cameras. Throughout the mission he will have to hack devices in order to provide a password, unlock doors for the Spy.


Unity3D, C#, Mixamo, Oculus Quest 2, Android, Blender


VR gameplay

The player is immersed in VR, he can interact with the world using his hand. The world is using gravity in some environment.

Two types of movement are available: Continuous movement or teleport.

The game is a mix between infiltration and escape room, through the missions the player will have to find clues and ways to bypass the security and guards in the level.

He can access his briefing using a watch on his left hand. This provides an UI (Main Menu) where he can see the goals of the missions and their state of completion, the settings of the game.

Type of VR movement:

Continuous (default) Teleport

Mobile gameplay

The hackerman uses his phone to interact with the world and provide guidance to the spy. He can see the VR world using:

  • A blueprint with points of interests (doors, stairs, hackables props etc..)
  • Cameras

The phone acts as a hacking program interface.

Types of Interface

Main menu: From here the player can access
  • Blueprint
  • See the request for hack
  • Camera
  • Take control of a robot, drone
  • Minigames to gain more insights
  • Representation of the VR world as a 2D map
  • Displays point of interest such as door, stairs, starting point for hacking (external network system that gives access to cameras)
  • Insights: Advanced point of interest; Blueprint of secured areas
Request for hack
  • Every time the Spy place the ‘bugHunter’ on a device, it pings the hackerman
  • He can then access the minigame for that device
  • Hacking successful results in the device being unlock
  • Hacking failure results in the device staying lock (can be a mission fail for some devices)